Dental, Chiropractic & Aesthetics

Our approach to your Dental Care is “Patient-Centric”, once we have discussed your needs we tailor a treatment plan accordingly. It is essential to us that we build relationships with our patients, allowing us to support your journey to better Oral Health. A visit to the dentist has evolved from pain relief to building an understanding of your oral health and what you would like to create.

Our area of Expertise: General Dentistry

Our Practitioners

Dr Shania Chetty BDS(wits)

Dr Chetty graduated from Wits, and has a passion for Facial Aesthetics, this involves intergrating dental, orthodontics and soft tissue to create a beautiful smile.

Dr Helen Davids

Dr Davids graduated from Wits , she has a special interest in paedodontics and continues to build happy kiddie experiences.

Dr Nikita Morar

Dr Morar Graduated from Wits, she enjoys being at the cutting edge of technology.
She has a special interest in Clear aligners.


Our approach to your Spinal Health is holistic, we try to always address the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Treatment focuses on injury prevention, injury correction and overall family health and wellness. Patients are therefore also educated on nutritional supplements, strength and conditioning as well as exercises and stretches.

Our area of Expertise:

Dr Christelle Minnaar (MCASA)

Dr Minnaar graduated from UJ, and has a passion for sport and sport related injuries which includes improving sports performance. She also has a keen interest in ridding people of crippling headaches.


Our Fotona Treatments: